Supported Employment Program

"At CASP we believe that everyone can have a real job according to their abilities."

The Supported Employment Program is aimed at youths and adults with different abilities (such as autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy or developmental delay) of 16 or more years of age, who have the skills to be included full-time or part-time in a real, paid, workplace.

The success of the Supported Employment Program be assured through the selection of a job suited to the student worker's abilities, through the constant evaluation of a student worker's progress by CASP Specialists, and through teamwork by the student worker, his family, the employer, and CASP Specialists.

These are the stages of the CASP Supported Employment Program:

1. Placement

CASP Specialists identify a student worker who has the skills necessary to perform a specific job requested by a company.

2. Training

CASP Specialists, along with the job coach, teach the student worker the required tasks and job responsibilities in the workplace. The job coach supports the student worker for the time necessary to achieve the natural support of their co-workers and the required level of independence.

The level of support by the job coach is greater at the beginning of the workplace inclusion, when the student worker is learning to perform the required tasks, but gradually decreases as the student worker achieves greater independence.

3. Follow up

CASP Specialists conduct monthly visits to the student worker at the workplace in order to ascertain their achievements and improve their job performance. The visits can become more frequent if necessary, and CASP Specialists are always ready to make an emergency visits.

The student worker and his family participate in group training sessions at CASP. The frequency of these trainings will depend on the level of support achieved by the student worker and varies from one session a week to one session per month.
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Why is the Supported Employment Program unique?

  • CASP began the Supported Employment Program in 1996.
  • Currently we have over 100 students included in more than 30 companies.
  • CASP Specialists can give special lectures to co-workers.
  • Families participate in all activities of the Family Training Program.
  • In addition to participating in physical education and sports, all of our students participate in the Extracurricular Activities Program, which includes Ballet, Theatre, Therapeutic horseback riding, English Classes, Computer Classes and Day Trips.

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