International Intensive School for Families

"At CASP we believe that parents, if they are taught the correct procedures, can become the best teachers for their children."

The International Intensive School for Families is aimed at families of children, youth or adults with different abilities (autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy or developmental delay), that speak English or Spanish, and that are willing to travel to Peru.

Families receive intensive training for a time that varies between 2 weeks and 1 month, depending on the availability of each family. The choice of skills and behaviors to teach each student is based on the results of a Functional Assessment. The priorities of each student are set out in the Individual Educational Plan with family approval.

CASP Specialists instruct families by modeling procedures and making family members practice with the student in different natural activities at CASP or in the community. Emphasis is put on teaching functional skills, "treatment just like any other person", and the management of inappropriate behavior.

A sample activity schedule is prepared for use back home and in the student's educational center. At the end of training, families receive a report with guidelines and suggestions.
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Why is the program unique?

  • CASP offers a follow up consulting service that can be arranged via telephone or internet, to ensure continuity in the student's education and achievement of proposed objectives.
  • Families and students may also attend with teachers, psychologists or other therapists of their community who want to be trained as part of the student's team.
  • Since the program started in 1999, we have trained 31 students and their families from Bolivia, Brasil, Ecuador, Germany, Guatemala, Japan, Nicaragua, Panama, Sweden, Switzerland & the USA.

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