Family Training Program

"At CASP we believe that families are responsible for 70% of the effort required to help their children succeed."

We train families in the same procedures used by our specialists so they can continue the education of their children at home and in the community. We put emphasis on motivation and on maintaining high expectations for their children so that they can achieve the goal of becoming independent, productive and happy.

CASP provides 171 hours of training per year for each family through the following 5 programs:

Course for New Families

  • All the families that participate in CASP attend this initial course that aims to initiate the change in attitude and expectations for their children. We emphasize the importance of active participation in the education of their children so they can become the best parent/teachers for them.
  • In addition to live demonstrations and testimonies by families of CASP students, the course is complemented with videos, role playing, presentations and table discussions.

Home Trainings

  • CASP recognizes the importance of training families at home, where we have the opportunity to observe our students natural environment.
  • During home trainings, CASP Specialists evaluate and train parents and siblings by modeling the procedures and making each family member practice with the student.
  • Depending on the program in which the student participates, families receive between 3 and 5 home trainings each year.

Classroom Trainings

  • In classroom trainings, families attend along with the student for the purpose of strengthening their grasp of specific teaching procedures.
  • One hour classroom trainings are scheduled once a month, with the possibility of becoming more frequent depending on the progress of the family in their grasp of the procedures.

School of Families

  • Every 15 days during the school year, our families participate in a 2 hour group training session. Topics are chosen according to requests from families, obtained through surveys and interviews.
  • School of Families can be given in a large group, where a presentation is given on a particular theme and concludes with a Q&A session, or in small groups, which are led by the team of specialists from each classroom and which include demonstrations, role playing and table discussions.

Gathering of Siblings

  • These are special training sessions that are scheduled twice a year for the siblings of our students (starting at 4 years of age).
  • This is an opportunity for them to meet and share experiences with other siblings of people with different abilities, and participate in trainings and Q&A sessions with CASP Specialists.
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Why is the program unique?

  • Average participation exceeds 80%.
  • CASP has the largest School of Families in the world, training the more than 400 families of our students.
  • The trainings are conducted by CASP Specialists and by our International Consultants.

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