¿Why do we say “people with different abilities”?

  • To change the expectations of professionals, families and society in general, towards them.

  • To change their expectations towards themselves.

The way we describe a group of people greatly influences our attitude toward them, and consequently, how society treats them. When we developed the CASP Philosophy and the Functional-Natural Curriculum, we agreed as a basic premise that all people should be respected for what they can contribute to society and that they should not be discriminated against by their limitations. For that reason, we decided to use the phrase "people with different abilities" instead of terms like "disabled", “deficient” or "handicapped".

We believe that the term "people with different abilities, besides being a sign of respect, emphasizes the strength of all individuals, and allows any special treatment to be given according to the needs of each individual, and not according assumed limitations.

The phrase "people with different abilities" was created in 1998 by Judith LeBlanc, Ph.D.

This term is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or clinical categories used in professional research.

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