Our Team

"At CASP we ask ourselves the same question every day: What can we do to help our students learn & improve faster?"

We are a team of 70 people among specialists, administration and maintenance staff, and our two service dogs: Montana and Lucas. Our staff is organized into five areas: Education, Inclusion, Training, Research & Special Projects and Administration.

CASP Specialists

If anything characterizes our specialists, it's their vocation to make a difference in the lives of people with different abilities and their families. Most of our specialists start out as interns while enrolled in the final year of college (usually studying psychology or education) and undergo intensive training to learn the procedures of the Functional-Natural Curriculum. Their training does not end when they become CASP Specialists since we believe that there is always something to learn and improve upon. We give them an average of 240 hours of training per year, which is divided into 2 types:

Continuous Training

  • CASP Specialists receive 4 to 6 hours of professional training each week (approximately 240 hours in the academic year).
  • This continuous training is provided by our International Consultants, and the directors and coordinators of the different areas of CASP.
  • Without this training program, CASP be like any other school, rather than a model center that uses an experimental approach to teach students with different abilities how to be successful in life.

Intensive Training

  • The month of February is a time of intensive training for the whole CASP team. We organize 15 days of informational sessions, demonstrations, role playing and discussions.

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