Our History

"30 years of making the impossible possible."

On August 20th 1979, Liliana Mayo, Ph.D., with the help of her parents and colleagues, founded the Centro Ann Sullivan del Peru (CASP), teaching 8 children with different abilities in the garage of her parents' home located in the district of La Punta, Callao, Peru.

She established CASP because at that time there were no institutions in Peru offering educational services to people with autism, developmental delay or severe behavioral problems. She chose the name Ann Sullivan in honor of Anne Sullivan Macy, the teacher of Hellen Keller, a world renown author and activist who was deaf and blind. Since its inception, CASP used the motto "Together we make the impossible possible".
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Because the number of families seeking an educational opportunity grew rapidly, CASP moved to the district of San Miguel, Lima in 1984 to a lot of 2450m, given in concession by the government of Fernando Belaúnde Terry, in which wooden prefabricated classrooms were built with private donations and volunteer labor. To meet the growing demand for education services, CASP facilities gradually transformed into a three-story building whose construction was completed in 2003, being considered the first fully accessible building in Peru. This was made possible through the generosity of donations from friends, national and international organizations, families and the CASP team.

Since 1985, Judith M. LeBlanc, Ph.D., from the Schiefelbusch Institute for Research in Life Span Studies of the University of Kansas, joined the CASP as principal consultant. Since then, she has spent periods of four or six months in Peru each year. Thanks to her education, CASP has turned into an international model center where a series of unique teaching procedures have been developed into the Functional-Natural Curriculum, our current teaching method, that together with the CASP Philosophy, is the foundation of all CASP programs.

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