Educational Videos

Since 1997, CASP has produced 4 series of Educational Videos in order to train professionals and families of Peru and the world. The images they provide are examples that have been recorded in real life situations occurring in the classroom, the community, the home and the workplace.

Each series of Educational Videos is a course in itself and contains a detailed educational manual. The Educational Videos are used in many of our Professional Programs. Following are the first 10 minutes of each Educational Video series. For now our videos are only available in Spanish.

The CASP Educational Videos are:

  • Treat me like any other person (Trátame como a cualquier otra persona)
  • I Can Work I, II & III (Yo Puedo Trabajar I, II & III)
  • Functional-Natural Curriculum I, II, III & IV (Curriculum Funcional-Natural I, II, III & IV)
  • School of Families I & II (Escuela de Familias I & II)
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