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"Hello friend. I know you're a busy person, but I just need a few seconds of your time... Have you ever thought about how your life would be like if you were unable to express what you think or feel? I know you've worked hard to get to where you are and you have goals to achieve, but I assure you that I do as well! There are many people like me who dream of receiving hope at the hand of a friend who wants to support our education."

This is what many of our children, youth and adults with different abilities want to tell you. 60% of our students and their families receive some form of scholarship (the yearly cost of the education of one student and their family is approximately US$ 4,000). With your help we can make our mission grow. Help us and join the great "CASP Circle of Friends."

Any donation, however small, is a big help to our cause. Thank you for helping us help others!

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*Donations will be collected by CASI (Center Ann Sullivan International, Inc.), a nonprofit 501 (c) organization in the United States of America that supports Centro Ann Sullivan del Peru (CASP). As such, any donation that is made in the USA is tax deductible in that country.

Donate by Check (USA only)

Please make out checks to "CASI", write on memo "CASI #1343" & mail to:

CASI, c/o The Trust Company of Kansas
730 New Hampshire, Suite 205
Lawrence, KS 66044

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